Chinese new year festival in malaysia essay

Mandarin Oranges on sale in a supermarket The fruits are symbols of prosperity and good luck and are popular presents during Chinese New Year. The following film by Setia Today depicts the family reunion dinner and the value of usin chopsticks.

Chinese New Year Celebration in Malaysia

The salad has unique sweet and sour flavour and consists of strips of raw fish usually salmon , shredded pickled vegetables and other ingredients. All ingredients are positioned seperately on a big plate. The ritual is to gather around the plate, each person holding chopsticks, and to mix and toss the salad together while shouting "Loh Hei" Cantonese for "toss up good fortune" and announcing auspicous wishes.

The higher you toss the better and the messier the table. Traditionally, the dish has seven symbolic ingredients and is served on the seventh day of Chinese New Year. But the ritual is common anytime during the festive season with family, friends or at work. No matter the cultural background, tossing the Yee Sang is fun for everyone and it tastes good.

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Reunion Dinner When people make it back home it's all about eating like any festive occasion in Malaysia. The main occasion during Chinese New Year is the reunion dinner where the whole family comes together to eat and spend the evening together. The majority will have the reunion dinner at home. A dish that can drag for hours. Various types of seafood prawn, abalone etc. You take whatever you want to eat and put it in the soup. Once it is cooked enough, you take it out and eat. And so on and on On new year's eve is it tradition to stay up unit midnight after the reunion dinner until your safe from the evil spirit so they legend goes and visit the temple to welcome the new year.

Chinese New Year 2020 and 2021

Steam Boat The table is set up for a steam boat reunion dinner wtih 2 soup hot pots, fresh greens, seafood, mushrooms and noodles. May the feast begin Some days or more important than others and the first days are public holiday in Malaysia. After the reunion dinner and maybe a bottle of good whine or other liquor afterwards, people will go to temple to welcome the year and pray. On the first day it is also considered bad luck to clean dishes and laundry excluded and especially using a broom.

So the cleaning should be done in the week before CNY. The best place to witness the celebrations in their full glory is a longhouse, the traditional Dayak home with over 40 families residing under the same roof! Traditional dances, feasting and free-flowing tuak rice wine add vigour and charm to the celebrations. No wonder it has a special place in the list of festivals in Malaysia. Spectacular fireworks on the eve of Independence Day, a grand parade at Merdeka Square in the morning and concerts as well as performances all through the day mark this important day in the life of Malay people.

Also called the Lantern Festival or Mid-Autumn festival, this celebration follows the ancient tradition of thanking the moon goddess for a bountiful harvest. Colourful lantern processions and delicious mooncakes dominate the celebrations, which also stand for unity within the community and family. Preceding the mid-autumn festival is another unique celebration called the Hungry Ghost Festival, wherein the spirits of the dead are appeased by food offerings and traditional puppets shows, etc. You can click captivating pictures, taste local delicacies and enjoy the performances to entertain the crowds at the site.

This vibrant festival is a huge hit amongst locals as well as tourists. Nothing can beat the excitement of gyrating to foot-stamping music in the rainforests of Borneo with thousands of music enthusiasts from across the world. One of the most spectacular music festivals in Malaysia and amongst the largest in Southeast Asia, Rainforest Music Festival is a heady mix of live performances by top-notch international artists, cultural experiences and workshops.

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  • Head to the Sarawak Cultural Village for an unforgettable 3-day musical extravaganza. Malaysia too like India is a place of cultural diversity which you can see clearly in its festivals and events. So, the next time when you plan your Malaysia trip , make sure to immerse yourself in its amazing festivals to dig a little deeper into its roots.

    Thaipusam or Thaipoosam in Malaysia is a Hindu festival celebrated during the full moon in the tenth month of the Hindu calendar. Thaipusam is the biggest festival in the world dedicated to Lord Murugan. In this pilgrims walk barefoot for several kilometers carrying a kavadi which contains milk and is decorated with peacock feathers.

    Some pilgrims also perform self-sacrificing rituals in the temple premises. Some of the famous Indian festivals celebrated in Malaysia are: 1. Thaipusam 2. Deepavali Festival of Lights 3. Makar Sankranti 4.

    Chinese New Year in Malaysia - Tourism Malaysia Official Blog

    The spring festival festivities for the new year take 15 days in most countries. The new year is often celebrated with dragon dances, lion dances, gift exchanging and fireworks. It ends typically with lantern festivals on the 15th day of the first calendar month. See below an image from the Pingxi Sky Festival which is celebrated in Taiwan every year to end the new year's festivities. The Chinese calendar is about one month behind our so called Gregorian calendar as it has between 30 and 50 more days per year.

    And the Chinese zodiac calendar has a cycle of 12 years. The calendar was started on astronomical observations of the moon's phases. The 12 Chinese zodiac animals are: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. Look again at the listing of animals! They always come in the same order, so was the year of the dog, is the year of the pig and will be the year of the rat.

    What is Chinese New Year?

    Which year will it be in ? We share the answer at the bottom of the page under 'Resources'.

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    • Chinese New Year Facts.
    • People wish each other good luck, happiness and wealth for the new year. The words used most in good wishes are: happiness, wealth, prosperity, prosperous, auspicious. Both wishes mean: Wishing you a prosperous new year. For many, this means fish dishes. A fish is a symbol of good luck, wealth and healthy life. Dumplings are traditionally eaten during the festivities.

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      These little round rice flour balls are often filled with vegetables. Mandarin oranges, dried fruit and even sweets are seen as lucky food. Candy boxes and little round shaped biscuits symbolising gold or fortune are served everywhere. And make sure your plate is never empty, as this would be seen as your luck has run out. Food is often prepared up to a week before, so one must not use a knife or fire for cooking on New Years day, as cutting with a knife for many would symbolise ill luck.

      A typical new year's dish is Yusheng. This raw fish salad with rice or long noodles is eaten during by many during the festive period. Many eat Yusheng on the seventh day of the new year. The dish is a symbol for wealth and longevity, this fish salad is usually served in a huge dish in the middle of a table, where family members and friends toss the noodles in the big bowl together and then eat.