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Gatsby/Nick Carraway -You belong with me- The Great Gatsby

This modification calls his reliability into question. We could also consider that Nick is completely biased towards Gatsby. This same bias is evident with Nick Carraway. In light of this, it perplexes me that anyone could claim that Nick is a reliable narrator. Those that oppose my view claim that, for most of the novel at least, Nick Carraway is a fairly reliable narrator. There may be some merit to this opinion, especially if we consider that Nick seems to have higher moral standards than the rest of the characters.

He has a certain moral standpoint which he maintains throughout his narration, this would suggest that he is a reliable narrator. The claim that Nick Carraway is an unreliable narrator could also be contested when we consider that he is writing the story retrospectively. Nick does not grow or change as a character during the novel — because the growth has already occurred before he sat down to tell the tale.

He tells the tale from the position of someone who has already examined his role and reaction, and come to forgone conclusions.

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Nick is in many ways a changed man since his time in the East, and this advantage of hindsight makes him a more reliable narrator. Finally, it could be argued that Nick is a reliable narrator because he is the only character that recognises that the American Dream is flawed and he has the courage to move away from the East. So… I decided to come back home. The East, where he has been associated with for a while, represents materialism, corruption, and superficiality.

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