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The second strategy was to determine the most appropriate means that can be used in relaying confidential messages Pease and Pease Almost all available means under the test proved ineffective and the one with the highest degree of confidentiality was determined. The final strategy was to cut down on the cost of communication. This meant to find the cheapest means of communication that can fully satisfy the process.

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The strategies outlined above almost gave the expected results Oxford The rhetorical barriers and advantages mentioned earlier in this project gave direct reflections of what was to be done and the ultimate goals were absolutely fulfilled. The first strategy of noisy environmental condition was fully satisfied by the rhetoric advantage of body language as the means of communication.

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Body language proved communicative under the tested conditions. The second strategy of relaying confidential messages was previously reflected by the rhetoric advantage of body language. The latter gave maximum satisfaction in passing across confidential information.

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The final strategy of cutting down the cost of the process of communication gave out several means of communication. Some of the verbal means of communication met the standards unexpectedly and the strategy was to be articulated to meet the requirements. However, the adjustments made met the satisfactory standard of making body language as the only means of communication.

The rhetoric ended up being effective in analyzing the arguments. The rhetoric arguments proved perfect in the analysis and strategies gave full support for the approval of arguments. Documented statistics for the related case study almost projected the same results as the one that were rhetorically reflected in the project Oxford However, in this project, the strategized conclusion could not have been drawn from the rhetoric barriers and advantages, putting the last strategy into consideration, which almost dissatisfied the expected outcome. The argument of whether to rely on the rhetoric reflections or not, in finding the most appropriate means of communication in the project almost proved effective.

However, the rhetoric reflection failed in giving the details of flexibility of the means and the ability of the latter to accommodate the upcoming challenges Melkote Body language plays many roles in the current society.

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Considering the technological advancements, this means of communication is seen primitive and cannot be relied on. However, what people are not supposed to forget is that, this means forms part of the most immediate means of communication before other means can be put in place. People who do not have a common communicative language find it hard to communicate with one another Melkote The only immediate way is by use of body language.

In normal life circumstances, emotions find their roots in body language and twisting of some body parts may turn out passing a strong message to the targeted recipient. People around the globe appreciate body language and the roles it plays. Ideas of generating the most sophisticated means of communication are being generated by body language. What is most important is understanding the ideology of communication that is to be achieved by the scientists. Having hopes in the unpromising inventions makes people forget that the effective means lies in our bodies and the only task is to learn how to use it.

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Need help with your essay? You don't have to waste your time writing an essay! I have had several opportunities to observe people from a distance in a bid to analyze what they…. I have had several opportunities to observe people from a distance in a bid to analyze what they were trying to communicate in a nonverbal manner.

Where To Find A Checked Research Paper Example On Body Language

I have come to realize that the environment plays a significant role in the measure of how well nonverbal communication are used in disseminating information. Places like parks, college libraries, the bus station, restaurants and cafes are notably some of the places where nonverbal communications may be critically observed.

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  5. I ended up observing a couple just a few rows in front of my table. The observation began at about am and ended about 30 minutes later. The couple just a few tables ahead of where I sat were equally quiet but it was obvious they were communicating in what many would deem as nonverbal. The young man, from his boyish grin and strong masculine physique I guessed would be around the age of 24, but his well-tailored suit made him seem older. He was lean with brown eyes and well-trimmed black hair.

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    The lady, on the other hand, was evidently a student. Her college books were stacked on the table and her laptop bag was resting on one of the chairs. She looked young and pretty but seemed very feminine and petite. Because both individuals were so engrossed with the other, it was easy to actually stare at them to observe every gesture that was made. The first thing anyone would have observed was the fact that they maintained eye contact throughout their time together, only looking down at the table for a few seconds probably because the other had looked too hard.

    The young lady was apparently blushing. I knew this because her face was flushed and her body language exhumed an air of shyness, from the way she crossed her legs and tuck her hands into her thighs, leaning forward and moving randomly from side to side at intervals. The young man I was fascinated by, because he somewhat kept his composure. He sat up straight at all times, laughed a couple of times and had his boyish grin the rest of the time.

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    At some point in time, he would lean forward, stretch out his hand and tuck the ladies hair behind her ears. It was evident they were a little more than ordinary friends. However, I was able to come to this conclusion when he reached out and took her hand in his. In the thirty minutes I spent observing the couple, I was able to observe certain nonverbal gestures that communicated affection.