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Positive thinkers are successful because they emit good energy that attracts the universe to help him get everything he wants, no matter how impossible it may be. This new way of thinking is even made popular by a book that was written by Rhonda Byrne entitled The Secret. Home Page Research Essay on the power of positive thinking. Essay on the power of positive thinking Words 14 Pages.

Your outer world reflects your inner world. You can tell the inner condition of a person by looking at the outer conditions of his or her life.

And it cannot be otherwise. Your mind is extraordinarily powerful.

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Your thoughts control and determine almost everything that happens to you. You are a complex bundle of thoughts, feelings, attitudes, desires, images, fears, hopes, doubts, opinions and ambitions, each of them constantly changing, sometimes from second to second. Your …show more content…. You do not believe what you see, but rather you see what you already believe.

The most harmful beliefs that you can have are your self-limiting beliefs. These are beliefs about you and your potential that hold you back.

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Positive thinking is the key to success!

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In other words, your task is to show how one thing leads to another. The doctors told him that the cancer was to far gone and that he only had a few weeks to live.

Throughout out his ordeal he kept up a positive attitude and kept telling everyone that the doctors was wrong and he was going to get better. Although he eventually passed away he went on to live almost a year longer that the doctors told him to expect and most of that time he was doing fairly well. This help convinced me that the power of positive thought really can have a impact if you only have the courage to believe.

That's why I hope to convince you all today to become positive thinkers because it has the power to really affect the quality of your lives if embraced.

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Transition: Let's begin by looking at the tangible evidence that supports the claim that positive thought helps those people who are ill or have health problems. The claim that positive thought has health benefits is something that has been purported for many years. Recent studies as I've mentioned seem to suggest this as well. In the Yale studies the true benefit and value of a positive attitude became apparent to the researchers.

More important than lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.