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These types of sites list products and show the current pricing on those products across a variety of websites. RE:HUB has everything you need to create an awesome site, including a built in community. It also looks great on mobile! As the creator of many, many different price comparison websites on the Internet, I have never found a more perfectly suited price comparison software package than Compare. Compare is not just a theme, but a family of different products designed for you to create a price comparison website.

While there are dozens of different themes and packages that help you build your price comparison site, and they span WordPress, Drupal, and all sorts of other systems, none is more well tailored to the problem than Compare. Compare is totally designed for you to create an affiliate site for price comparisons.

With Compare, you have an entire price comparison site in a box. The automated system which requires a separate purchase from their website will pull items in directly from Amazon using the API, so you can build your site and keep everything up to date with a minimal amount of work. It has built in connectivity to Amazon and other affiliates, but it also has much more. It has full tracking and cloaking of coupons so that you get the affiliate click , as well as a great mobile look.

And it has built in functionality so that people can pay to list deals and coupons on your site. The first type of site that we will look at is the product review site. A product review Amazon affiliate site is a site where you review or rate different products, and you provide links to Amazon in order to sell those products. For this type of site, you will want to use a theme that allows you to review different products as well as get people to click through your links to purchase.

So what are the characteristics that you would want in WordPress theme for your product review Amazon affiliate site? Our favorite product review affiliate theme for WordPress is Valenti.

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Valenti is an extremely beautiful theme with built in reviews and ratings that makes it easy to build a large, and complicated review site. Valenti has everything you need to build your Amazon affiliate review site — and much more. For instance, it allows your users to add in their own ratings and reviews, and then calculates scores. Finally, of course, some entities buy patents with the express purpose of licensing them aggressively.

Regardless of the important variations in their origin and behavior, NPEs present a fundamentally different challenge than operating company patent assertions. The concept of software patents at all has been in dispute for a long time. Obviousness is a key term in the patent world.

Obviousness is typically the real hurdle to patentability, and unfortunately the law of obviousness can be quite subjective and difficult to understand. At times obviousness determinations almost seems arbitrary. Establishing non-obviousness for software has a contentious history. There is little to no predictability at the edges. In my research, the Alice case came up many times as a pivotal case for helping to define the legitamacy of software patents. Martin Goetz is the holder of the first ever software patent, and has an excellent write-up on the importance of the Alice case. That question first began to be publicly debated when I received the first software patent in for an invention on a new way of sorting data on a computer.

Forty five years later a variation of that question was again before the Supreme Court when it agreed to hear the appeal of the Alice v. CLS Bank case. The Alice v CLS Bank Supreme Court decision in June was a great victory for those that believe that inventors that use a digital computer to innovate can get a patent on their invention. It is also a victory for those people and organizations that recognize how the patent System has been abused for many years by trolls and others where there was no invention.

Since the Supreme Court decision in June, thousands of patents that should never have been issued are now being deemed invalid by the US Courts and by the Patent Office. Although, the Alice case does seem — in my very amateur opinion — to offer better guidance to reject the patent based on a lack of true invention. Patents are not cheap to apply for. The patent application Pearson submitted is 34 pages of art diagrams and text describing the inventiveness of Thesis 2, though Thesis 2 is not specifically named. I asked Pearson why he applied for the patent, which he did not want to share the specifics of his position due to the open nature of the application.

There are only a couple of decent outcomes for Pearson with this patent application. The most likely, and not good outcome for him, is that he is denied the patent; and in this case he would have spent a great deal of money for nothing. If he gets the patent, and he survives a challenge, I see three ways he could theoretically use it:. Honestly, the whole patent route seems odd. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has mountains of evidence of patent holders causing havoc.

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Rather, a license is a permission granted by one party to another allowing use of a property without fear of lawsuit brought by the granting party. A license does not include a return promise i. So, as we all learned in law school, a license cannot be a contract under law. This is not to say that a license cannot be an element of a contract under which two parties trade promises, one of such promises being a license.

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It is something apart. It exists and is enforceable under property law doctrine. The precise wording used becomes critical.

His larger point is that a license is a one-way street, whereas a contract is agreed upon by both sides. Matt says that the spirit of the GPL is about user empowerment, about the four freedoms: to use, distribute, modify, and distribute modifications of the software. Software distributed with these four freedoms is in the spirit of the GPL. WordPress was created and distributed in this spirit, giving users full freedom with regard to the software.

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The new Thesis is not a Theme—it is an operating system for templates and design. This system runs Skins and Boxes, which are similar to Themes and Plugins, but with a boatload of built-in efficiencies that Themes and Plugins cannot provide. These benefits include lower prices, better access and more innovation. Few lawyers want to be the first to test something in court.

A key question to whether themes and plugins must be GPL compatible licensed is whether the theme or plugin is a derivative of WordPress itself. There is a tendency to think that there are two things: WordPress, and the active theme. But they do not run separately. They run as one cohesive unit. WordPress starts up, WordPress tells the theme to run its functions and register its hooks and filters, then WordPress runs some queries, then WordPress calls the appropriate theme PHP file, and then the theme hooks into the queried WordPress data and uses WordPress functions to display it, and then WordPress shuts down and finishes the request.

On that simple view, it looks like a multi-layered sandwich. But the integration is even more amalgamated than the sandwich analogy suggests.


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Here is one important takeaway: themes interact with WordPress and WordPress with themes the exact same way that WordPress interacts with itself. The same core WordPress functions that themes use are used by WordPress itself. Themes can thus disable core WordPress functionality, or modify WordPress core data. If you were thinking that theme code is a separate work because it is contained in a separate file, also consider that many core WordPress files work the same way.